Here’s some background information about me. First things first, in case you are curious, my Myers Briggs type is INTJ.

I am almost 24 years old, originally from Michigan. I have an older sister, who is my best friend, and a 14 year old cat who I have far too many pictures of. I also have a group of friends who I consider to be my second family. Fun fact, we call ourselves the Gatherers, which I think is a pretty cool nickname to have.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Literature from Eastern Michigan University and once upon a time my goal in life was to become an editor at a publishing company. My current career interests still include editing, but have also expanded to social media, communications and teaching.

I spend my free time reading, watching KDramas, listening to Kpop and staying active. When I am able, I also spend a lot of time with friends and family. Also, I spent the past year living and working in South Korea and have a beginning level of fluency in Korean and will continue my studies. 화이팅!