My Minimalist Mission


It’s about that time to check in after my 333 challenge. Now that I look back, I realize that while it was hard for me to choose only 33 things to wear for 3 months, in reality once I did it, it was easier to manage, and I didn’t really miss the clothes I packed away.

When my family came to visit, I had them take some things home that I knew I wasn’t going to wear while I was here. While I was going through those clothes, I started packing up a new box of clothes; but this one was for donation. I only put 7 things in the box, but I had my family take home around 10 items.

I do understand that having my family take items back home for me doesn’t solve the problem of my closet in the States, but my first priority is my closet in my apartment here. Once I am able to fully accept the fact that I don’t need over 60 things in my closet, when I go back home and go through my closet, many more things will be added to the donation pile than what I would have placed there before.

I still have a long journey ahead of me in terms of my minimalist mission for myself, but taking this first step made me feel accomplished. I also think I have become better at waiting to use things up before buying replacements. This means that things aren’t piling up unused in my apartment.

Along with living a more minimalist lifestyle and getting rid of clothes I don’t wear, one of my New Year’s resolutions concerned shopping. I promised myself that if I bought an item of clothing, I would get rid of one. I did buy clothes when my family came to visit, but I stayed true to my resolution when I placed those 10 items in their suitcases and started my donation box. Actually, I got rid of more things than what I bought, which I think is a pretty great feat.

Thanks for reading! 읽어줘서 고마워요! Stay safe and stay happy. 안전하고 행복하게 지내라요. See  you next time! 다음 봐요!

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